We have the power to save the planet.


The need for net zero carbon, ever-sustainable energy has never been greater. And while it has been a topic of discussion for years, Green Energy Partners is ready to lead the way —today — by accelerating, facilitating and integrating forward-leading technologies like today’s Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), or what we call Clean Green Energy Machines: advanced, zero carbon, high-temperature steam generators with the power to preserve our planet and our way of life.

Small Modular Reactors

Today’s SMR delivers massive power with a modular design. One advanced SMR generating XMW can power a city of about 100,000, making it ideal for rural cities, eliminating the need and expense for overland power lines and landscape destruction. SMRs are integral to the GEM concept by generating on-demand electricity with the capability to also produce hydrogen with high-temperature steam. These reactors will deliver efficient, scalable green electricity production.

On-Site Hydrogen Production Hub

Our green facility can also replace a significant amount of today’s industrial and transportation fuel hydrogen production that uses greenhouse gas- emitting natural gas as a feedstock by producing carbon-free hydrogen generated by state-of-the-art electrolysis with the use of SMRs with water as the feedstock.

The First Truly Green Data Center Hub

Data centers worldwide consume immense amounts of electricity, most coming from fossil fuel power plants. They also depend on on-site fossil fuel backup generators that produce large amount of greenhouse gases – The Green Energy Machine (SMR) concept is totally carbon free with a first of its kind 1-gigawatt truly Green Data Center campus powered by nuclear power on-site with natural gas and hydrogen-blend backup generators initially, converting to 100% hydrogen in the next 3-5 years.

For more information on data center energy demand visit: https://www.akcp.com/blog/the-real-amount-of-energy-a-data-center-use/

Clean Green Effluent Energy

We even see wastewater as a useful resource to create carbon-free fuel. The GEP Team has already configured a power station in Leesburg, Virginia to use effluent from a sanitary sewer plant to make steam to power a 400 MW steam turbine. Innovative approaches like this can be more efficient than bringing in power from distant sources.