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Our successes began back in 1975 with an acquisition and vision for 20 acres in Fairfax County that became Spring Park Technology Center. Adjacent acquisitions and development included Spring Street South, headquarters for C-3, and the Herndon Towne Center, which kicked off decades of success.

Green Energy Partners were also the founders of the InterGate Company that acquired thousands of acres between Dulles Airport and Rt. 7 to Belmont Ridge Road. Today known as Ashburn Farms, Beau Meade, Loudoun 28, The Auto Mall, Loudoun Gateway, Airport West, and Mercure Industrial Park in Virginia.

We acquired and partnered in the evolution and development of 4,000 acres which is now a dominant part of the town of Round Hill, as well as the purchase and development of 1,000 acres now known as Stone Ridge. These Northern Virginia locations have been built out and are thriving planned communities.

More recently, we acquired 300 acres for the development of a property called Stonewall Secure where we partnered with Bechtel and built an 850 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. This plant utilizes the effluent from the Leesburg sanitary sewer plant to make steam to power a 400 MW steam turbine, which averted massive destruction of forestry that would have been required to bring in new power lines. The residual property was zoned for data centers and sold to Google and Mitsubishi.

All in all, we have developed over 11,000 acres and created more than 15,000 residential and industrial lots in Loudoun County, not to mention thousands of jobs. Today we are committed to making a difference in our world with the acquisition and development of properties that support Green Energy and a carbon-free future for our planet.


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Meet the Team


J. Aubrey Andrews is a genius, seriously. He has decades of experience in planning and developing real estate with a focus on positive growth, conscious of our environment. From thoughtfully planned communities over the years, to acres of intelligent power in the more recent 300-acre development called Stonewall Secure in Leesburg that utilizes the effluent from the sanitary sewer plant to make steam to power a 400 MW steam turbine. His visionary mindset and real estate genius for meeting the needs of the public has influenced and initiated the development of over 11,000 acres, more than 15,000 residential and industrial lots in Loudoun County and created thousands of jobs. Today, he remains committed to making a difference in our world with the acquisition and development of properties that support sustainable Green Energy and a carbon-free future for our planet.

MARK ANDREWS | Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Andrews is an inspired forward-thinking entrepreneur who has always been engaged in the implementation of inspired solutions in industry and business. He has deep experience in real estate development, ready-mix concrete, solid waste management, construction, demolition, and materials recycling which are all critical aspects of our evolving national infrastructure. Mark excels at identifying problems and opportunities, and leading teams to develop and execute innovative, creative and sustainable solutions. Through the years he has participated in many of the Green Energy ventures with an emphasis on sustainability. Mark’s depth of understanding of public policy allows him to manage projects both efficiently and effectively. Mark’s vast experience also made him the natural choice to oversee the day-to-day operations and management of real estate holdings from the DC metropolitan area to many properties on the Island of St. John.

BILL PUCKETT | Chief Operating Officer

Bill Puckett, creative by nature, is an accomplished and award-winning marketer whose career began in New York on Madison Avenue. Working on big brands over the years like CBS News, Fedex, the Italian Ministry of Tourism, IBM, Getty, Southern Company, Hanes, Northrop Grumman, Department of Defense, Jaguar, Saab, Virginia Tourism, Amtrak, Showtime and cause-related accounts like the Partnership for a Drug Free America, the DOD Quality of Life Office, Head Start and more. In the last 15 years, Bill has run his own ad agency with an approach of working with clients to develop strategic partnerships, business plan approaches and promotion to create new markets or gain market share. Today, related to the ailing condition of our world, he’s focused on a cause. He joined Green Energy Partners to take on the biggest business and marketing challenge in his life. To save the world by promoting sustainable green energy solutions. His new client is the planet Earth.

ROBERT VARRIN | Chief Engineer

Dr. Varrin brings 40 years of experience in the nuclear and chemical processes industries to the Green Energy Partners’ team. He served as Principal Engineer at Dominion Engineering, Inc. (DEI) in Reston, VA. and as President of the company for 17 years. In addition to management duties at DEI, Dr. Varrin served as the lead investigator for a wide variety of projects in nuclear, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering for both commercial and government clients. His work in the nuclear industry focused on laboratory research and development, economics of nuclear power, mechanical system design, advanced reactors, chemistry, corrosion, materials, and thermal hydraulics. About 30% of his time over the past 40 years has been spent on site at commercial government facilities, providing technical and management support. He has worked at over 80 nuclear plants in seven countries. Dr. Varrin is a graduate of Princeton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering. His experience and expertise lead the way in the development of America’s first sustainable Green Energy Center featuring Modular Reactors, Green Data Centers and a Hydrogen hub all at one location.

RITA PIERCE | VP Research & Marketing

Rita is brilliant and has a sixth sense that finds that piece of key information that even the brightest miss. She’s all about researching and learning 24/7. She has an insatiable curiosity that has been focused on markets, trends, influencers and market opportunities through her experience in marketing and communication on a breadth of brands over the last 20 years. It’s her in-depth research that informs strategy, approach and messaging to respective target audiences at Green Energy Partners. Her approach is more focused on the right questions versus a pile of data that’s not actionable. It’s no surprise she joined Green Energy Partners, as she also has a degree in Horticulture from University of Maryland. She says witnessing the increasing devastation to our forests is just the tip of the iceberg because when you see it all on a macro level you literally see the slow destruction of an eco-system on a path to the inability to grow food in our world. Today Rita is intent on helping find sustainable green energy solutions for a healthier world.