We’ve secured the ideal property for the first of its kind carbon-free initiative.

Green Energy Partners has secured 640 acres of property in Surry County, Virginia that by all accounts to date has all the attributes needed to become our nation’s and the world’s first truly Green Energy Center. Plans include Data Centers that are powered by green energy on-site, as well as scalable and safe Small Modular Reactor electricity production which will support the buildout of one of America’s first hydrogen production hubs.  Green Energy Partners continues with positive progress with the best companies and brightest minds in the technology sector.

Cooperative partnerships will shape the direction and buildout of the Surry Green Energy Center

The technology for generating electricity with SMRs, as well as converting water into hydrogen fuel, has been proven. The notion of the need for green data centers has also been a goal for many years but until now no one has pulled it all together. We’ve had the WHAT we need to create a world powered by green energy and today Green Energy Partners of Virginia is proud to be able to provide the WHERE. We’re excited about living in the solution versus the problem and, as we’ve come to find out, so are local, state, and federal stakeholders. Together with the most innovative green technology companies we will create green energy, jobs and a healthier environment.


We’re assembling today’s most brilliant energy technologies and creating the world’s first green energy center

The top technology and energy companies are stepping up to make Surry Green Energy Center the model for the future. Green Data Centers, Green Electricity Generation and Green Hydrogen Hub all in one location. For more information or to see how you or your company might play a role, drop us a line.

The Surry Green Energy center and business model is unique and the site’s profile is positive.

Preliminary site selection/environmental evaluation in accordance with EPRI and USNRC procedures have been completed. The site has been found to be superior to alternatives and the building of data centers can initially be fed with green energy from the adjacent Surry Power Station. 3 critical needs have been met — including access to Transmission ROWs, access to existing gas pipelines and access to fiber. Comparatively, other sites envisioning SMRs in America may not be up and running until after 2030.